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Experienced licensed attorneys who assist Esports pros, content creators, and influencers - including connecting with brands & organizations, all contract negotiations, legal assessments, acquisition of sponsors, and marketing strategies.

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Before Esports professionals, content creators, and influencers agree to a sponsorship or organization deal, the contract needs to be examined very closely by individuals competent enough to understand the language. Some questions that should be addressed are what is the length of the agreement? What about the payment schedule -- is it a lump sum or salaried? What events are required during the length of the agreement? Will the agreement allow you to keep all money earned via your streaming channel? Will equipment be provided? What kind of power does the agreement give the organization/ sponsor? The signee should know the answers to all these questions and many more before signing the agreement. In general, contracts should spell out everything very clearly and leave nothing that could be an issue later on.

CarterPulse has strong relationships with numerous Esports organizations around the world. Which not only assists their free agents in finding the right organization, but ensures that their free agents benefit from having multiple options when choosing who to sign with. In addition to CarterPulse’s connections with organizations, CarterPulse has many connections with companies closely related to Esports. CarterPulse assists their clients with obtaining partnerships with these companies to grow their brand. 

CarterPulse helps their clients with EVERYTHING and protects their clients when it comes to the business and legal side of things. CarterPulse has the education and experience to competently assist their clients with all their needs. Essentially if someone reaches out to the professional, CarterPulse will handle it but all while keeping the professional in the loop. The one thing that CarterPulse prides their company on is keeping in touch with their clients and connections within the industry.


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CarterPulse is associated with experienced licensed attorneys that assist all Esports professionals. We have established relationships with organizations and brands, and we are heavily involved in all aspects of contract negotiations and legal assessments. We will pursue acquisition of sponsors for our clients and develop a strong marketing strategy tailored to each individual client’s needs.

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CarterPulse prides their agency on building strong relationships with all their clients, organizations and businesses.  We know that the key to a successful partnership with our clients is communication. 

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CarterPulse maintains strong relationships with many organizations and businesses around the world interested in working with Esports professionals, content creators, and influencers. 

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CarterPulse is a partnership of lawyers committed to providing quality assistance and advice regarding contract negotiations. We will review each contract on behalf of our clients to ensure that they are set up for future success.

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