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Experienced licensed attorneys and talent managers assisting influencers, content creators, and beyond with brand partnerships, acquisition of sponsors, team/organizational contracts, legal assessments, and content growth strategy.

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TikTok Live Agency in the USA


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CarterPulse is a full service management agency focused on protecting our clients as we help talent grow their following, revenue, and brand. CarterPulse has the education and experience to competently assist our clients with all of their needs.

CarterPulse has strong relationships with countless brands and organizations around the globe, and the number is growing by the day! CarterPulse assists their clients with obtaining partnerships, sponsors, and brand deals, handling the communications from initial outreach to contract signing. CarterPulse is also an official agency partner of TikTok Live and Shop.

Before any talent agrees to a deal, big or small, the contract needs to be examined closely by individuals competent enough to understand the language and individuals with experience in the entertainment industry. Our experienced team makes sure our clients know exactly what they are agreeing to and that the clients get what they deserve for their services.


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CarterPulse has experienced, licensed attorneys on staff assisting all of our clients with contract review, drafting and negotiations.

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CarterPulse is the easy choice compared to our competitors because of the strong relationships we build with our clients. We know that the key to a successful relationship is communication.

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CarterPulse maintains and continues to form strong relationships with businesses around the world. These relationships are leveraged in order to provide our clients with as many amazing opportunities as possible.

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CarterPulse is a full-service management agency providing 24/7 support and assistance for our clients.

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